We may have all experienced turbulence on flights, but when a rough patch is so bad that the ceiling ends up covered in coffee then you know it’s serious.

Passengers on a recent Singapore Airlines flight were left surrounded by a chaotic mess after their flight fell 20 metres when it hit severe turbulence.

A total of 11 passengers and one crew member were injured on flight SQ308 from Singapore to London last Sunday.

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Turbulence during air travel is caused when bodies of air moving at different speeds meet and cause movements in the atmosphere.

The phenomenon is most common in jet streams and near mountain ranges, as these tend to cause more disruption in the air.

Turbulence can also be caused by thunderstorms, although these are more easily avoided as they can be tracked by technology.

It is experienced on nearly every commercial flight, but is usually not dangerous as pilots can escape it within minutes.

However, a tiny handful of incidents have caused serious injuries or even death.

BOAC Flight 911 crashed near Mt Fuji in Japan in 1966 after flying through severe storms, killing all 124 people on board.

More recently, a passenger on United Airlines Flight 826 died from her injuries in 1997 after the aircraft dropped 30 metres in the middle of the flight.

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 Flight attendants were told to immediately take their seats just before the aircraft hit the turbulence

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