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Located only 90 minutes drive from Melbourne, is the extremely well liked Phillip Island. Found between Bass Strait and Westernport Bay, the island is a popular tourist holiday spot, where there is always a lot to keep the holidaymaker busy. With an excellent range of Phillip Island hotels and other accommodation, Phillip Island makes an ideal vacation spot.

There is an activities park near the the centre called Amaze n things, where all the family are guaranteed to be kept entertained. For golfers in the family, there’s the maxi-mini golf course which is built over artificial turf, the park are always looking for ways to update and reconstruct the course and it is bound to be popular with young and older golfers alike. Test your wits with the twisting corridors of the maze and be prepared to be completely confused by the illusion rooms, with water running uphill and the shrinking rooms. There are also well equipped caravans available in case you decide to stay on the park.

For animal lovers, there’s a conservation centre for koalas which are a big hit with holidaymakers, young and old. In this park it is possible to see koalas in their native surroundings, walk through the bush and experience the wonderful Australian wildlife. You can learn about the breeding of Koalas and get close to the koalas with the boardwalks elevated in the treetops. While you are there visit the gift shop to pick up some souvenirs.

A number of the many other nature attractions are the Nobbies centre, where you can see many species of marine animals like sharks, dolphins and seals. The penguin parade, the most popular attraction in Australia as well as the largest colony in the world is to be found here. As the sunsets each day, countless little blue penguins come out of the water to make their way to their sand dune burrows by parading across the beach.

The chocolate factory is a wonderful day tour for chocolate lovers, on arrival at the factory you are going to be greeted and offered a free secret recipe chocolate, inside there are many machines where the prized come in the form of chocolates. You even get the chance to produce your own chocolate, what more could a chocolate addict dream of? The factory also has a cafe where you can try out many of the chocolate treats as you drink your coffee.

While in the area you are going to be looking for nice places to eat, there is a vast selection of venues, from family friendly restaurants to an American style bar and grill. Many of the restaurants are found on the beach. With lots of international dishes available you’re sure to get something you enjoy. There are plenty of online resources about Phillip island available to help plan your stay on the Island.

There are many sporting activities that you may either watch or participate in, these include the Phillip Island Grand Prix is host to motorbike and racing car championships. Participate in water sports from Woolamai beach, whether you would like to learn or are an experienced surfer, there are a number of places suitable for either level of ability and local veteran surfers can be found for lessons.

If you prefer to remain on dry land you could tour the island on foot or cycle. There are routes and paths to suit every degree of fitness, take in the sun while observing the local wildlife and plant life, experience local farmers markets and enjoy the views of the coast.

Get away with the family for a few days, find phillip island accommodation, activities and other travel related information about the area. Or visit our Australia blog for more Australian holiday ideas.



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