1. High tides have flooded Venice, leading Venetians and tourists to don waterproofs and wellies and use wooden walkways to cross St Mark’s Square and other areas under water.


2. Still, some shops and ground-floor homes were flooded.

3. The flooding is caused by wind and rain combined with the lagoon city’s periodic tidal phenomenon.

4. The city has for years been wrestling with the problems posed by the threat of rising sea levels and has launched an ambitious plan.

5. Venice suffered its worst ever “acqua alta” on November 4, 1966, when it was submerged by 160 centimetres (63 inches).

6. Tourists wearing protective plastic bags wade along a flooded street

7. People walk on bridges set up in front of the Doge’s Palace

8. Nurses carry a man on a stretcher in a flooded street during a period of seasonal high water in Venice

9. People walk in high water near the Ponte delle Guglie

10. A man carries a child as they leave the flooded St Mark’s square

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