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Comedians Greg Proops and Chris Franjola, co-hosts in Chelsea Handler’s show called “Chelsea Lately”, faced with numeruous negative reactions after they ruthlessly attacked Serbia, apologized to the Serbian people through Twitter.

Greg Proops realised he had made mistake and offered an apology

In the program Mr. Greg Proops said he was surprised that people in Serbia called Amy Winehouse concert “disastrous”, having in mind this is “the country where ethnic cleansing and genocide happened”. In the meantime he realised he had overdrived.

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  1. Vera Serbia

    Just to share with you that I am sad because of the thinks that happened in Norway and because the Amy Winehouse’s death. I am also soo mad with US comedians who were laughing both at her last concert in Belgrade and at Serbia, and I am not the only one here who find them partly responsible for she finished in a suicide-like way. I know that American comedians are not witty enough, that they than compensate lack of genuine sense for humor by being rough, but this was really too irresponsible! And towards Serbia, who struggles with the depths of 90s, with still fragile public attitude towards NATO countries that did bombing, particularly US and UK. Me, and my friends are the ones who struggle to fight against prejudices to America after painful and not digested enough ’99 bombing experience, with Libya and some other countries following as a “prove” to those who think… And, Serbia today should be supported to overcome Milosevic’s Serbia of ‘90s, but this move is not helping at all!


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