While we are all still contemplating when the future of fashion will arrive and make its presence felt, the future of foreplay is already here!!! Dubbed Fundawear ( a fun underwear I suppose ), this Durex product is a world first with an underwear loaded with touch technology, and are controlled by an iPhone in the demo video that knows what gender your partner is. The iPhone will then act as a remote to stimulate that you can drag your fingers across to stimulate your partners’ actual crotch from wherever you are in the world. For the sake of your pleasure, they are offering bras too and yes they vibrate too.

(Video slightly NSFW.)

This Durexperiment as they like to call it allows you to ‘touch’ over the internet, no matter what time zone, no matter what region, touch here and feel there with Fundawear, the future of foreplay.

Any enterprising  readers looking to get in on the testing stage can head to Durex Australia’s Facebook page.

Suddenly good ol’ fashioned cybering seems so passé.

[Via – Betabeat.com]

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