30 Years of MTV

                                          At exactly midnight and one minute on this day 30 years ago with the launch video of the newly launched “shuttle” and landing the Apollo 11 mission to the moon with the famous phrase of John Light – “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll! ” – From her, then a small study in New Jersey, MTV began the conquest of the media market.

The first video that was aired was the song of “The Buggles” ironically called “Video Killed The Radio Star”, and that historic day program ended with song “Carouselambra” legendary “Led Zeppelin”.

Three decades of the biggest music television broadcast premiere marked the 15-minute video clip “Thriler” Michael Jackson’s 1983rd – An event that is considered the first official “merger” music video and film.

The audience remembers and Madonna at the time, very controversial, live performance with the song “Like A Virgin” at the first MTV Video Music Awards, which launched the 1984th

Do not forget a series of promotional clips from 1982. Year, where the former pop and rock stars on both sides of the Atlantic, shouting the slogan “I Want My MTV!” convince local cable operators to include a new music channel in your program offer.

Then the broadcast and MTV promo peak “Moonlanding” in which an astronaut on the moon with the now iconic guitar riff Jonathan Elias and John Petersen, sets the flag flying where the MTV logo designer Frank Olinskog.

These events are considered representatives of MTV were the hallmarks of contemporary and forever changed pop culture.

Today, MTV is a leading television network with more than 150 TV channels and 400 digital services worldwide, and each regional channel content successfully combines global with local culture, local contractors and specific tastes.

The European version of MTV began to broadcast first August 1987th from studies in Amsterdam, later the production moved to London, and the first music video that was aired was “Money For Nothing,” the British band “Dire Straits”.
MTV jubilee will be very poscehnim regional sites with 40,000 registered users “download” section, add the MTV Player – unique database of 1,800 spots of regional artists.


The MTv logo is a well known logo of today. Many people understand that when they see “the chunky, baby block `M’ and the dripping ‘tv’,” they recognize the logo as Music television. It has lasted more than 25 years almost unchanged. Why is this design so good? By keeping the design simple Olinsky and his team left the ‘M’ open for alteration without altering the identity itself. This flexibility has given MTv the opportunity to put whatever they want in the ‘M’, whether a pattern to match a holiday or a color to represent a genre of music.


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