It’s a long way from the likes of Venice Beach, but Kachalka Muscle Beach in Kiev, Ukraine is home to just as many muscle-bound individuals. The key difference though is that they pump iron, not on state of the art gym equipment, but by using a devices, weights and machine built from scrap metal. One mans old tractor axle, is another man’s weight lift! And whilst the gear they use is different to just about every single gym in the developed world – the results are the same. When it comes to Kachalka Muscle Beach, the former machines of the industrial revolution are turning the locals into leaner and meaner machines themselves.

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Ukrainian Outdoor Gym-10 Ukrainian Outdoor Gym-2 Ukrainian Outdoor Gym-1 Ukrainian Outdoor Gym-3 Ukrainian Outdoor Gym-5 Ukrainian Outdoor Gym-6 Ukrainian Outdoor Gym-7 Ukrainian Outdoor Gym-8 Ukrainian Outdoor Gym-9The worlds largest gym is in Hidropark in Kiev, Ukraine. It’s an open ait fitness center where the entrance is free. The gym has 1000-2000 visitors per day.

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