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It’s one of the popular sights that people take pictures of when they visit. The Vancouver steam-clock is very cool …

There are only two of them in the world! (this one is the first chest puffed out).

You can see the inner workings of the clock through glass panels on the side.

When the steam clock goes off it creates a noisy spectacle…



Every 15 minutes it hoots and whistles and steam pours out of vents at the top and sides. People like to gather and wait for it to sound again.

Here’s a math question for you….

The Vancouver steam-clock has been here since 1977 and chimes every 15 minutes 24 hours a day.

As of midnight December 31 1999 how many times would it have sounded?

Answer…770,880 times.

What do you think, how’s my math?


Maybe I need to get a life I might have too much time on my hands.


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