After the invention of photography it became clear that its main problem is lack of colors. So masters who coul colorize photos for exhibitions and print publications were found really quickly. The history of this craft, that became a high art, deserves a separate large study.
Since colored photography was invented people colorize only history photos to “bring” them to a modern audience, enhance the sense of reality.
In spite of all the “wonders of Photoshop” today, as before, colorizing the picture to full similarity with the color photography is almost impossible. But some virtuosos are sometimes almost succeed.
I want to show the most interesting experiments on the coloring of the images presented on the historical photoblog Shorpy.
For example, Times Square, New York, 1943:

And let’s imagine a civil war in the United States in color:

This is a military depot in Nashville, 1864. Yes, it is not very realistic, though beautiful!

Quite a remarkable portrait of Lincoln in 1865:


The famous picture of Atlanta 1864. with a shop selling black slaves:


1903, shop in New Orleans:


1905, the aquarium in Detroit:


Terminal in Manhattan in 1907:


1911, fire brigade:


Imagine how much time should be spent to color a Christmas tree like this:


1920, the Mermaid Club in Philadelphia:


1943, Indianapolis:


Just a brilliant job – Evening Dallas 1942:


An absolute masterpiece of coloring – Grand Central Terminal in New York, 1941:

I’m trying to imagine the colors of railway station in Belarus in 1941 …

Source: visualhistory.livejournal.com

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    The idea given by who so ever has painted these pictures is something real close to reality. I wonder how much effort he has put in to think on these lines.


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