t’s not every day that you look up at the trees in the local park and see a gigantic 3D gargoyle head staring directly back at you. But then again, if you’re French visual artist Clément Briend, that’s the norm. His visual series aptly titled ‘Legends’ involves projecting & inserting 3D renderings of iconic historical characters into modern day surroundings.

The photos below are from the Parc de Saint-Cloud, a 460 hectare national park just outside of Paris where he recently showcased the ‘Legends’ series. His ultimate goal was to put the general public at the very heart of the monument; I think he’s done so with startling and fantastic effect don’t you?

Video Inside:

3D Gargoyle Heads_1 3D Gargoyle Heads_3 3D Gargoyle Heads_4

3D Gargoyle Heads_6

3D Gargoyle Heads_2

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