Wandering the Berlin streets at night with a purpose, German street art collective Mentalgassi has been reinventing the aesthetic quality of public recycling bins, ticket validating machines, and other unsightly urban objects with photographic wheatpastes. The effect is such that these faces often watch you as you walk by them, which is a little creepy, but creative and amusing all the same.

Mentalgassi Metal Heads_1 Mentalgassi Metal Heads_8

Mentalgassi Metal Heads_7

Mentalgassi Metal Heads_4 Mentalgassi Metal Heads_3

Mentalgassi Metal Heads_6

German urban art group Mentalgassi covers big glass-recycling containers on the streets of Berlin with something unusual: giant faces! The results are weird “metal heads” that creepily stare at you as you walk by.


To see more of their work, check out their blog.

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