Los Angeles-based cinematographer and bike fiend Richie Trimble unveiled Stoopid Tall, a freakishly tall bike, at last Sunday’s CicLAvia open street event in Los Angeles. The hand-built bike is 14.5 feet tall at the seat and has a 32-foot-long bicycle chain. Trimble recorded his nerve-wracking 20 mile ride to Venice Beach with a GoPro camera that was attached to his chest. He managed to complete the ride without incident, though he nearly got wedged under a highway overpass. Make sure to watch the amzing video.


  • Richie says the scariest part of his journey, riding under the 405 freeway.“That moment was amazing because you see the freeway coming. I could see the top of the cars going by and I had never seen that before. And everyone is cheering for me to touch the bridge. I reach up and high five the bridge. As I go under, I drag my hand along the top and I’m thinking,”
  • Photo-By-Spencer-Harding
  • Source: la.streetsblog.org

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