Stuart Mactier feared the worst as he searched for the bodies of sheep which had fallen victim to the recent blizzards that struck the family farm.

So when the agriculture student dug deep into a 12ft snowdrift, he was astounded to discover a heavily-pregnant ewe blinking back at him from under a huge pile of snow and dead sheep.

Despite being buried for up to 11 days, the four-year-old Scotch Mule cross appeared to be none the worse for her ordeal after being dug out on Monday evening and has since become an internet sensation.

 Sheep survives_1

Stuart Mactier rescued the heavily pregnant sheep after it got stuck in a snowdrift in Wigtownshire

Sheep survives_2

 The ewe survived for 11 days underneath the 12 ft snowdrift

News of her dramatic survival was ‘liked’ by 14,500 people on Facebook in only one day after more than 500 users shared Mr Mactier’s photos of her rescue.

The ewe is expected to lamb soon, after being brought back to the warmth of the steading at Boghouse Farm, near Mochrum, Wigtownshire.

Sheep survives_3

Stuart dug through the snow expecting to find the sheep’s carcass, but was astounded when he saw her blinking back at him

Sheep survives_4

 Recovering well: The sheep’s rescue has been a big hit on Facebook and she is expected to deliver her lambs soon
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