When Arun Sharma, the general manager of Portland, Oregon-based Ducati dealership MotoCorsa, got a lot of flak on his Facebook page for sharing images of a beautiful model draped sexily over a red Ducati, he decided he would do something different. A few weeks later, he asked the same photographer he had worked with, Alicia Mariah Elfving, to style his own workers in the exact same poses. Of course, these were not professional models, but rather, big burly men!

Few refused to take part but, surprisingly, most were enthusiastic about the idea. They drew numbers to choose who would pose for each embarrassing shot. One of the last to choose was a 5-foot-10-inch, 230-pound senior technician A.J. Ralston who had to perch on all fours on the bike’s seat. That is, wearing slingback shoes and short shorts!

You’ve got to give it to these men for really owning it. Way to play the part! Now check out some of their priceless expressions…
Sexy Motorcycle Poses_6 Sexy Motorcycle Poses_1 Sexy Motorcycle Poses_2 Sexy Motorcycle Poses_3 Sexy Motorcycle Poses_4

Sexy Motorcycle Poses_5Sexy Motorcycle Poses_0MotoCorsa website

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