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THe Running of the Bulls is held in the Spanish town of Pamplona during the festival of San Fermin – the region’s patron saint. In 1591 the local religious festival was held together with the Pamplona’s traditional summer market fair and the San Fermin festival was born. Since then the festival has grown into the week-long extravaganza it is today – the number #1 Spanish festival attracting over a million people every year!Foto: Beta

The Festival

The Running of the Bulls festival begins at midday on June 6 when the Mayor of Pamplona sets off a firework from the Town Hall followed by the incredible champagne opening street party. The festival continues non-stop until the closing ceremony at midnight on July 14. Each morning from July 7 to 14 the famous Running of the Bulls is held at 8am followed by street parades and local fairs. At night the town comes alive with the nightly bull fights followed by the biggest street parties you will ever see. Live music, fireworks and plenty of beer and sangria keep the nightly parties cranking till the small hours of the morning!



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