Architect extraordinaire Zaha Hadid and global engineering firm AECOM have recently released the initial details for their highly anticipated 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium in Qatar. The Al Wakrah Stadium will be the first of several arenas built for the worldwide tournament and is set to begin construction as early as 2014.

Inspiration for the spectacular design was drawn from the culturally iconic Dhow boats often seen in Qatar’s many harbors. In addition to its symbolic significance, the venue’s curved shape serves as an important part of the structure that shelters spectators and athletes from the harsh desert sun while still allowing for passive cooling inside the stadium.

The arena, which is designed to house up to 40,000 visitors, will be modified once the festivities of FIFA are over. There are already plans for the upper modular timber seating of the building to be removed and sent to developing nations, decreasing the capacity of the space down to 20,000 people and allowing the structure to live on after its initial intention is fulfilled.

Check out the video below to get a view of every angle in this impressive modern day colosseum.

Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium_4 Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium_1 Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium_2

Zaha Hadid’s website
via [Mymodernmet]

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