The slope of a shoulder, the swell of a breast and the curve of a knee – welcome to a terrain made up entirely of nude bodies.

Shot by Carl Warner, the series is both erotic and surreal, and most notable for the anonymity of his models.

The Liverpool-born photographer describes the project as “an alternative portrait of a human being whose body becomes a landscape of themselves, and plays on the sense of space in which we dwell.”

The Gland Canyon_1Shin Knee Valley: These ‘bodyscapes’ by London-based photographer Carl Warner look almost like sand dunes but are in fact legs manipulated by Photoshop

The Gland Canyon_2

Valley of the Reclining Woman: Carl Warner photographs human forms then cuts them together to create new ways of looking at the body

The Gland Canyon_3 The Gland Canyon_4

The Desert of Sleeping Men: This optical illusion of a valley is made up of the same volunteer’s head reproduced and cut together

The Gland Canyon_6

The Gland Canyon_5

The Cave of Abdo-Men: Looking through toned torsos, the legs look like rocky outcrops in the distance

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