This strip club may be located at one of the world’s most beautiful travel destinations, but it appears to have been mysteriously abandoned by its once regular clientele.

Perhaps its venue – several feet below water level – was just too off-putting.

The Nymphas Show Bar, which still features a stripper’s pole, was re-discovered by photographer Gil Koplovitz during a dive off the coast of Eilat in Israel.

Inside the underwater strip club-1Photographer Gil Koplovitz discovered the Nymphas Show Bar during a dive off the coast of Eilat in Israel, seen here through the windows. The pole is the only remaining clue to the club’s past

It has been described as the world’s most bizarre nude dancing club, but even Koplovitz is unsure how long the club has been lying underwater, empty.

 Inside the underwater strip club-2

He toldThe Huffington Post:‘The entrance [to the strip joint] is above water. People just crossed a 230ft bridge and went down a flight of stairs. No need to get wet.’

But while the club has lost its attraction, Koplovitz’s pictures have caught people’s imagination, capturing the eerie beauty of modern day ruins.

Inside the underwater strip club-4 Inside the underwater strip club-3 Inside the underwater strip club-6 Inside the underwater strip club-5Customers may have abandoned the Nymphas Show Bar, but the wildlife off the coast of Eilat is still showing interest

The defunct club, named Nymphas Show Bar, still has an active website, and Koplovitz isn’t sure exactly when the destination closed its doors.

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