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In my last article “Numerology Meanings: Numbers 1 to 6”, I explained how to calculate your Life Path Number, and I gave you the numerology meanings of the numbers 1 to 6. In this article I’ll give you the numerology meanings of the numbers 7 to 22.

First I’ll give you a very brief summary of my last article: If you add up all the numbers in your date of birth, you get a Life Path Number. For example, August 23, 1965, adds up as 8+2+3+1+9+6+5= 34; 3+4=7. So the Life Path Number would be 7. The only numbers which you leave as they are 11 and 22, for example November stays 11, and not 1+1=2.

OK, here come the numerology meanings of the Life Path Numbers:


Life path number 6

You are all about nurturing. Does the word people-pleaser ring a bell? You need to feel needed, and you probably love to give care and provide service to others. You feel a spiritual obligation to help. If you however stay with a partner who uses you to keep his addiction going or who is mentally ill, you might stray from your path, becoming an enabler instead of a healer.

Life path number 7

Intellect, knowledge, study.. Sevens thrive in advanced academic careers. Absorbing information requires quiet time to grow and nurture their knowledge. Reserved and analytical, sevens who completely withdraw from society are losing out on their life purpose. By recognizing this, he will find his passion back: to improve the world by using wisdom.

Life path number 8

Confident, charismatic, wealth-loving. Learning how to handle money and power without falling into the pitfall of corruption during the process. Eights love to improve the lives of thousands, perhaps millions of people, by applying their practical knowledge. Sometimes money gets too important, and their moral standards drop. They might even lose their families and friends, and they certainly lose their popularity.

Life path number 9

Spirituality is your life goal. You’re destined to travel a humanitarian path, as a sophisticated individual, a very selfless soul, patient, trustworthy and honorable from the very beginning to the end of your life. You can be a great environmentalist, teacher, artist, priest or healer. Your dreamy and high-flying ideals might get strange reactions from people who don’t understand where you’re coming from. You love to teach your spiritual principles by living as an example.

Life path number 11

Elevens are extreme personalities, visionaries, pursuing enlightenment. Balancing between rational and the irrational, they search in exotic religions and cultures. You might be a “wounded healer”, having suffered a dramatic loss that set you on the path of spirituality. You have to be aware of the emotional baggage that you have left from your experience, and find a way to stop your strong inner critic. You might spend your whole life to clean your energy and find the enlightenment you’re searching for…

Life path number 22

Whatever you think about will manifest, so chose your thoughts carefully. You can reach substantial prestige and success, and even fame, provided that you want to work for it. Your number is in the numerology meanings the one who has most talents and powers. To manifest an idea into reality is not a problem for you; You may seem insensitive, but often you’re just hyper-focussed on your goal. Your goal is to become detached from material wealth and results, and your dream is that your wealth will spread amongst a lot of people around you.


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