Mushroom Production On Nuclear Missiles Base

There is a former military base, which housed nuclear missiles.

After they were taken out in 1997, local businessman Victor Kodik rented the base for growing oyster mushrooms.
His production facility of “Eco Mushrooms” is very profitable.
Deliveries are carried out to neighboring countries: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine – about 10 tons per month.
Oyster mushrooms require minimal maintenance and are quite demanded product, like champignons.

According to Mr. Kodik, microclimate in hangars is ideal for growing mushrooms, and background radiation situation is even better than the country average.







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  1. hami

    hi, my name is hamid. i have a small mushroom farm with good production, but some times the mushrooms get a disorders such as black spot, mitts, mucogone and so on.. would you please send to me some articles about mushrooms disorders. before that i thanks to you for your help…
    your sincerely hamid…


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