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While staying in Sydney I was fascinated by the monorail that took a loop journey around the city, stopping at many of the attractions I wanted to see. I was up early after spending a painful night on a poor hostel bed. The hostel, despite its appalling bed, was very well located and an easy walk to the nearest monorail station at the city centre. After a brief walk and climbing two levels of stairs above the street, I reached the station. It was easy to do, as I was getting fitter by the day!

I decided on a day pass for the monorail, and at $9.50AUD, I felt it was good value. The monorail circumvented Darling harbor so it suited my plans for the day. I had the aquarium in mind so I got off the monorail at one of the two stops that were available. Either stop was a brief walk to the aquarium. Walking across the bridge to the aquarium on a beautiful day was a wonderful choice. The harbor was a magnificent picture in the early morning.

A lifetime interest in the fish world made it an easy choice to go and see the Sydney aquarium. It is said to contain the world’s largest collection and display of Australian aquatic life. I was there when the doors opened! As I went to pay for the ticket, the young man asked if I had a hostel pass, I did! Did I really look that young or was it the backpack? I think the latter. As it happened, I do have YHA member’s card and got a discount on the ticket price. It all helps and it gives a good impression to cash strapped visitors to be asked as well!

The monorail scoots right between buildings in the middle of the city

I loved the tanks of fish, there were over sixty of them to see, so it took considerable time to wander around the huge aquarium. It was interesting to watch a diver working in one of the big tanks that held the bigger fish. I took special notice of the Dugongs, a close relative of the elephant. They are vegetarians, and ugly to look at but very placid and calm. I knew I would be unlikely to see them that close again. The visit to the Aquarium was worth it for them alone.

Monorail gliding by

The next trip on the monorail was to stop at Paddy’s market site. The first time I had been to one of these markets. The size of the markets and variety of the merchandise I found astounding. Catering for tourists and locals alike, it had souvenirs, clothes, and food of all descriptions. Even a massage stall, an old Chinese man giving me a massage for a sore neck that had been troubling me. It was wonderful and for just ten dollars. I spent more time here than I had planned, so the rest of my day vanished very quickly. I jumped back on the monorail to return to the World square to finish the day with a nice meal. A brilliant way to travel, the monorail was fast, quiet, and very pleasant to use. I wished I had allowed more time in Sydney.

 Monorail Stations are easy to find. If you don’t know which way to go, there are signs on the tracks themselves pointing the way to the nearest station

Maman is a sixty plus liberated woman despite having a husband and four children.

She trained as a nurse and remains interested in health issues. Spent many years farming achieving farm management qualifications and a real insight into animal husbandry. The next career change included a Diploma in Real Estate and business management, covering buildings and their construction.

Growing older then included some time in the hospitality industry and business.

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  1. Gene Bowker

    Looks like a great way to get around the city! The first thing I think of with monorail is Disneyland and riding them there as a kid in California.

    It appears they do a great job of transport there too.


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