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Vincent van Gogh used paint. Auguste Rodin worked in bronze. Larry Moss shapes air with the use of balloons. His medium may be somewhat unique in the art world, but Moss’s creations are inspired by the greatest artists of the past. His study of more traditional works can be seen most clearly in his series of parodies of well-known masterworks. It’s through the exploration of other art that Moss explores and develops his own.

Airi•gami stands at the crossroads of three ancient art forms: sculpture, puppetry and origami.

Artists Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle have been using airigami to create “full-blown” installations that enchant both young and old for more than a dozen years, and – whether it’s a ten-room haunted house (Balloon Manor), the world’s first piloted balloon sculpture (Fantastic Flying Octopus) or a pre-historic museum exhibition (Elastic Park) – they bring people together in the way that only the best public art installations can.

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