He has stunned audiences with jaw-dropping stunts that defy logic and can make the most skeptical cynic believe in magic.

But in an daring new act, Bradford-born Illusionist Dynamo today took his impressive skills to even greater heights.

The 30-year-old entertainer took in London’s sights by levitating beside the roof of a 15ft double-decker bus.

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Defying gravity - Dynamo_1

Defying gravity: Dynamo looks relaxed as he floats beside a 15ft bus. He levitated as the bus crossed London’s Wetminster Bridge

Defying gravity - Dynamo_2 Defying gravity - Dynamo_3

Walk on by: Steven Frayne gives the crowds a thumbs-up (left) and looks like he is directing traffic (right) as he larks around 15ft above the ground

Smiling for the cameras, Dynamo, whose real name is Steven Frayne, travelled alongside the two-storey bus with the palm of his hand placed on the roof.

He hung in mid-air with his other arm outstretched as he crossed Westminister Bridge. A police escort cleared the way for Frayne’s daring feat, ensuring there was no traffic around the bus.

Defying gravity - Dynamo_7

Astonishing: Dynamo stretches his left arm and his feet dangle in mid-air as the bus moves ahead

Viewers of the magician’s hit TV show are used to seeing him do the impossible, but lucky fans who were travelling in the bus looked on in amazement at the stunt.

People on the bus took pictures of the ‘you have to see it to believe it’ moment.

The trickster’s levitating act, in partnership with Pepsi MAX had onlookers asking ‘Where are the wires?’

Defying gravity - Dynamo_5 Defying gravity - Dynamo_4

It has to be seen to be believed: These amazing pictures, taken by fans from the street (left) and inside the bus (right) show the trick from different perspectives 


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