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Spain vs Portugal: Euro 2012 Semifinal Predictions

Spain and Portugal are to face each other in the Euro 2012 Semifinals in the battle of the Iberian Peninsula. Both teams made great efforts in arriving at this stage of the tournament.

What will be expected for the two teams? The time has come to discuss the recent encounters between the two teams.

It will be followed by comments about the possibilities of Spain and Portugal in the semifinals in order to arrive at a prediction.
This image was created as a snapshot of the TV screen when the transmission was a football match against  FIFA World Cup . 

Will there now be such as pictures say?


Previous Recent Encounters

According to Dominic Vieira of A Football Report (AFR), Spain and Portugal faced each other in Euro 2004. Both countries needed to advance to the quarterfinals but Portugal defeated Spain 1-0 secondary to a goal scored by Nunes Gomes.

Spain returned the favor by defeating Portugal 1-0 during the 2010 FIFA World Cup .

The predictions may or may not be right taking into account what will transpire in the match. What can be said is that the match between Spain and Portugal is expected to be filled with tension and excitement as both teams show their strength to the world.

The end result will be Spain 2-1 Portugal with Spain facing Germany in the final match of Euro 2012.

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