The King of Pop was surrounded by prescription pill bottles, medical supplies
Photos released by the LAPD paint a frightening picture of where the late musician laid his head to rest.

The King of Pop

The King of Pop died on June 25, 2009, at age 50 — with lethal levels of drugs in his system.The bedroom where Michael Jackson died in 2009 was a mess — littered with bedcovers, oxygen tanks, prescription pill bottles and other medical supplies, photos newly released by the Los Angeles Police Department show.Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, is sitting in jail after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter.Jacko’s doctor, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving the troubled superstar a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid.
Inside Michael Jackson's bedroom-1
An array of oxygen tanks were kept close to Michael Jackson’s bedside.LAPD
An array of oxygen tanks were kept close to Michael Jackson’s bedside.Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, is suing concert promotion company AEG Live, claiming it failed to vet Murray and keep MJ safe.
Inside Michael Jackson's bedroom-2
Conrad Murray’s medical bag sat in a nearby cabinet.LAPD
The images of the room where Michael died are photo exhibits from Murray’s 2011 trial. They show Michael’s unmade bed, with what appears to be a doll partially visible under a white sheet.They also show several metal oxygen tanks and a hanging bag for intravenous fluids.
Inside Michael Jackson's bedroom-3Conrad Murray’s medical bag was filled with medication.LAPD
Conrad Murray’s medical bag was filled with medication.There are numerous photos of babies and children on a dresser in the room and empty drink bottles on a nightstand.
Inside Michael Jackson's bedroom-4
A list of 24-hour pharmacies was found inside of Conrad Murray’s vehicle.LAPD
Inside Michael Jackson's bedroom-5
A slew of medication, mostly Propofol, was found on a bedside table.LAPD
Inside Michael Jackson's bedroom-6
  A look inside Michael Jackson’s master bedroom. LAPID
Inside Michael Jackson's bedroom-7
A medical I.V. stands in front of an eerie shrine on Michael Jackson’s dresser. LAPD
Inside Michael Jackson's bedroom-9
A massive butcher knife sits on Michael Jackson’s nightstand, along with aspirin and a few medications. LAPD
Michael Jackson's
Tragic demise: The new round of photographs from the bedroom of Michael Jackson after he died in 2009 were submitted into evidence at his wrongful death trial this week Michael JacksonHidden away: A medical bag belonging to Conrad Murray can be seen in a high cupboard in Jackson’s dressing room
Inside Michael Jackson's bedroom-10
Some of the King of Pop’s ornate jackets hang in his closet.


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