Icelandic comedian chutney Mar Agustson organized a campaign to raise funds for a girl Tijana awaiting heart surgery .

Iceland’s performances tend to draw attention to the matter at hand. Having gathered a certain amount of money to help Tijani, chutney promised to wax my chest and if you collect more than 50,000 Icelandic Krona. That’s what happened.

Icelandic comedian  Mar Agustson

” He was very proud of myself and all the friends who have paid the money. Regularly asks us to inform you that the whole thing is progressing and whether Tijana arrived safely in Houston, what is now waiting …” said Mary Karimanović, who lives in Iceland.

” We thought it was nice to remind people that the money is still needed and that does not stop the collection now that Tijana in Houston,” she noted.

The eight-year Tijana Ognjanović recently transferred to a hospital in Houston .

Foto: Youtube / Ævar Már Ágústsson

Ævar Már Ágústsson

” Was collecting donations at work so the little girl in Serbia could get a new heart. Accumulated 46.513kr”

“Below is the story of a girl named Tijanahttp://www.tijanaognjanovic.com/index …

“The worst pain I have felt”

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