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With the counts of Windows 7 user increasing, more and more problems about forgetting password or locking out of Windows 7 PC has turned up, such as the following similar questions:
“I forgot password for my Windows 7 computer administrator account; I want to reset the Windows 7 log on screen password; I forgot my Windows 7 password without a password reset disk; How to reset my Windows 7 Dell / HP / Acer / Toshiba laptop password; User has left the organization with the computer password-protected on Windows 7. I cannot get in my Windows 7 PC now, as it is password protected.

” This similar password problems for Windows 7 computers are not unfamiliar to us, maybe these problems have ever happened to you, or you are now troubled with them. Then how to reset Windows 7 password When we forgot password and can not log in. What can you do to reset password for regain accessing to your computer? Do not be anxious! If you meet any of the problems listed above or other, Windows Password Breaker proves a great help. It can help you create a Windows 7 password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive to resolve all problems concerning lost your Windows 7 login password. And it only takes you a few and easy steps: Firstly download and install the program on available computer, then burn a Windows password reset disk with CD/DVD/USB with the program, and then you can reset password with the burned CD/DVD/USB. After that, you can access to your computer with no password. Excepting its easy operation, Windows Password Breaker incorporates other unique advantages. Don’t miss it when you forgot Windows login password, it’s a safe and easy way for you to regain access to your locked PC. The following lists 5 key benefits of Windows Password Breaker: 100% Windows 7 Password Recovery Rate. This professional Windows password recovery tool is designed for users to reset their forgotten Windows 7 password with 100% recovery rate, including administrator password and other user accounts password. 100% Security Guaranteed. Its read-only and no-destructive feature help you to reset lost password for Windows 7 safely, without any change or damage to your computer settings and data. Easy And Fast Password Recovery. Windows Password Breaker supports instant password recovery for Windows 7. With it, you can easily access to your locked PC again in less than 5 minutes within 4 simple steps. Efficient For All Windows OS. In addition to Windows 7, Windows Password Breaker can also recover forgotten or lost Windows local administrator and user passwords for Windows Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000. It even can reset Windows domain administrator password for Windows server 2008(R2)/2003(R2) which acts a domain controller. Support Reset Password With CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive. It helps you to create a Windows 7 password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset your forgotten Windows 7 login password, fully considering some computers don’t support CD/DVD. Briefly speaking, Windows Password Breaker help you create a Windows password reset disk with CD/DVD/USB flash drive to instantly reset lost or forgotten Windows local administrator and other user accounts password, domain administrator password on all Windows OS, including Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008. It’s a powerful also easy to use Windows password reset tool for users to reset Windows password forgotten or lost. When you came across forgetting your Windows password on Windows 7 or other systems lists above, you can try to use Windows Password Breaker to reset your forgotten password, it’s easy and safe, efficient.

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i forgot my password for Windows 7, what can i do would be helpful for my password reset? when you came across the common problem, just use Windows Passwod Breaker to recover forgot Windows password, safe and easy.

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  1. syonxu

    These tools reslly good.
    If you want to save more time and get a easy way.
    Maybe some commercial software will be your choice.
    In additional,some people actually don’t konw some complex computer operations.So some rasily to use software is need.
    Such as Windows Password Rescuer,Windows Password unlocker etc.
    I have used Windows Password Rescuer Professional edition(http://www.daossoft.com) and I think the tool is convinient though cost me some money.

    • jackymark

      Windows 7 also provide another method to recover forgotten Password by using “Reset Disk”. If you created a Password Reset Disk in Past, you can use that disk to reset the password.
      Also can use a software to crate a password reset disk, check out this method:
      Windows 7 password reset disk

  2. jackymark

    you can use a popular Password recovery software, Windows Password Rescuer Personal, to help unlock your computer. It is an all-in-one Windows Password recovery tool which can unlock Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 password without losing files or formatting your system.

  3. janey

    Thanks for sharing! Ophcrack, Offline NT is free which also can reset Windows password.
    If don’t want to change password, I think you can try Asunsoft Windows Password Recovery, it can create new administrator account to Windows system offline.

  4. naryslow

    Reset Windows 7/Vista/xp password with CMD. Key steps:
    Step 1: Logon your Windows as administrator(You also can logon Safe Mode with Command Prompt, pressing F8 when restart your computer, hit up/down key to choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt and hit Enter).
    Step 2: Click on Start, type cmd in the Run box or Search box and press Enter.
    Step 3: Type net user, all user accounts of your computer will be listed.
    Step 4: Type net user “UserName” “NewPassword”(replace UerName and NewPassword with yours), press Enter, then the password will be reset as new one and you can logon Windows 7/Vista with it.


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