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    make and upload HD videos onto youtube, you can use Youtube Movie Maker to help you, it supports all Youtube HD video profile, it can auto convert any videos to right profile HD(720p or 1080p) youtube video ,then upload onto Youtube with HD logo, just run Youtube Movie Maker,press “Upload Video”, then add your video in the file list,then press “SETTING” button to select HD(720p or 1080p) profile,then press “Convert & Upload”,it can upload the video to youtube as HD video, and it also can be used to make and upload youtube videos from various videos, pics, musics, texts, etc. You can download it from makeyoutubevideo.com, easy to use, hope it can help you.
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    If you have camtasia, then just select that portion of your screen and record. Or you could get realplayer and download the video. There’s also sites like keepvid, convertfiles and mediaconverter that let you download videos, but I’m not sure if those three download in HD.

    What do you mean how do you reupload the video? Do you have a youtube account? Once you record on Camtasia and save it as a suitable movie file (.wmv, avi or whatever) then you just … upload

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