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A little stuck on what to do for decorative effect this Easter? Bringing the spirit of Easter into your home can help the kids to get really involved in the meaning of Easter, as well as having a little fun with Easter related themes. Here are some tips on how to make your home look delightful for Easter.


  • Eggs
  • Chocolate/Candy eggs.



  1. Welcome visitors with an eggshell wreath. It will look really nice on your door as well as it being unique.
    • Hollow out dyed or natural brown eggs by piercing one end of a raw egg with a straight pin.
    • Prick out the other end and blow out the egg yolk.
    • Use scissors to cut the wire and form a loop.
    • Thread the eggs onto the wire.
    • Adorn with silk flowers or crepe paper as desired.
    • Fasten to the door with a looped piece of wire.
      • Create a simple eggshell garland by threading hollowed-out eggs onto a ribbon. Tape one end of the ribbon onto a skewer, then string the eggs, remove the skewer and tie a knot to hold eggs in place.
  2. Paint some eggs and use them as decorations around the house. If you have children, ask them to help you with doing this as they’ll love being involved in both paintingand placing the eggs. It can get messy, so make sure to take ample precautions, especially if you’re working with toddlers. Make sure to put them where you can see them, so they can be admired. Some good colors are pink, yellow, pastel blue and green, or any color that you fancy!
    • Hang miniature eggs, which can be found in craft or retail stores, onto miniature trees or along pussy willow branches.
    • See How to dye eggs for Easter for more ideas.
  3. Position bunnies in eye-catching places around the house. Whether they’re statues or plush toys, the bunny theme will work beautifully at Easter time. Borrow plush toys from your children if you need to, or ask them to arrange their bunny toys. You can also draw rabbit shapes on paper and cut them out, or find pictures of them online and print them off. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, try stone or imitation stone statues, with some realistic (or real!) grass. Near the bunnies would be a good place to put some eggs. If you’re going for a more playful look, or decorating for children, plushie bunnies work well, with baskets and brightly colored eggs.
    • See How to make a moving rabbit for another bunny decoration idea the kids can make.
    • Try baby farm animals around your house such as lambs or chicks, but bunnies and rabbits are the main animal.
  4. Make streamers out of colours such as yellow, orange, green, and so forth. Hang the streamers in windows or in doorways. If you want a more streamer-like appearance that curls, use tissue paper, in one of the aforementioned colors. If you don’t mind flat strips, or want to make a curtain of long strips, construction paper works well, as it doesn’t rip easily. You can also make paper chains.
  5. Create a whimsical festive table. Mix and match your fine china or stonewareand add colorful linens.
    • Add a playful touch by filling martini glasses with miniature candy eggs and centering on plates. Or, place name cards atop martini glasses or inside egg cups for instant Easter cheer.
    • Add modern flair. Place Easter eggs of the same color, but with varying textures and finishes, into a similarly-colored basket for a traditional centerpiece with a modern twist. Then add some embellishments with grasses or flowers. Extend the monochromatic look with linens and dinnerware and add crystal glasses for a shimmery, dreamy tablescape.
    • Find an Easter themed tablecloth, or just one with Easter colors. Add bunny or animal themed cutlery and plates, bowls etc. It doesn’t have to be vintage though, although you may prefer older styles. It’s nice to add centerpieces, such as an Easter bunny statue, a grouping of Easter eggs, or a spring floral arrangement, gussied up with grass, little rabbits, chicks, Easter eggs, tulips, or daisies.
  6. Hide Easter eggs around the house. Guests will get a nice surprise when they find Easter eggs in different places. It’s better to use plastic eggs for this, as you can place them more places without breaking, and you don’t have to worry about finding a spoiled egg in June! But you can use chocolate Easter eggs so long as you remember where you hid them if nobody finds them.Sew some Easter cushions. They don’t have to be anything fancy, just pretty. Pastel colors are nice for this, along with silky fabrics, although those are harder to sew. You could also add a tassel, or trim. But, if you are a beginner sewer, it’s best to just get a nice, simple pastel or Easter fabric, and sew it in a square shape, then stuff it. Try different shapes such as bunnies or eggs. Maybe try a quilt if you’re clever enough. You can also try plush toys.
  7. Put some flowers around the house. Tulips, roses, daffodils, and daisies are all good ideas, but there are other good flowers that you can also choose, depending on where you live and the season (it’s autumn in the southern hemisphere, spring in the northern hemisphere). These will provide bursts of color in the house. As well as making your house look nice there will also be a wonderful scent. You can always use fake flowers if you don’t have the ones you’d like to put on display.Don’t forget the garden! Plant a lot of flowers in your front yard and backyard. Maybe plant them in a pattern such as a rabbit or an egg. Put bunny statues in your garden such as in trees or in the middle of the lawn, dig little holes that can act as burrows! Get your children to draw Easter drawings on the concrete in your garden as well, chalk is the best material for this. Put up some banners and signs on your house walls and garden walls as well.
    • Cut branches of pussy willows and arrange the stems in a pastel or Easter-themed vase.
    • Place cut daffodils, roses, (or any spring or autumn flower) and place them into floral foam in baskets to help them stay neat.



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