The Horizon System is a revolutionary new concept that aims to relieve the headache that comes from air travel. Created by several design students at the University of Glasgow, the Horizon has six pod-like trains that attach to the underside of the craft. The Skylink trains carry passengers from throughout the city to the airport, making the whole process as convenient and smooth as possible.

Horizon Modular Airplane_6

Each of the pods house batteries that charge as they ride along the rails and then fuel the unmanned plane while in flight. This completely eliminates the timely refueling process and creates the first all-electric plane. Amazingly, the aircraft never touches the ground when it drops off and picks up the passenger carts. Once safety in the air, guests are encouraged to bide their time in the lounge, business area, and retail space, or just take in the magnificent view from inside the world famous sky bar. Check out the video below to see the amazing concept in action!.

Horizon Modular Airplane_1 Horizon Modular Airplane_2 Horizon Modular Airplane_3 Horizon Modular Airplane_5 Horizon Modular Airplane

The Horizon System from Mason Holden on Vimeo.

Horizon’s Coroflot
via [Mymodernmet.com]

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  1. Justin

    Nice idea, but seasoned fighter pilots have difficulty trapping one of four wires on an aircraft carrier while on a night approach during rough weather. How many commercial pilots would attempt to “trap” a pod in bad weather, let alone good weather? I’d rather stick with the conventional method. There are great pilots out there, but why risk it.

  2. Kirc

    Crap Idea.

    Works only for large nations if your going far. Not nipping into town or going to the local shops. In Europe this is not viable. Old city streets and smaller distances from city to city.


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