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Festival-goers traipse through fields of sticky brown stuff as the music

gets underway at Glastonbury 2011.

A rainy Sommerset has meant a muddy start for revellers at this year’s festival.

On Tuesday the festival’s organisers had promised festival-goers green grass and plenty of sunshine at the 1,100-acre site. But the 170,000 people descending on Worthy Farm in Piton, Sommerset were greeted by thick mud.

Weather forecasters predict more heavy down-pours on Friday with some respite as the weekend progresses.

U2, Coldplay and Beyonce are headlining at the festival which is in its 41st year.


Regardless of the weather and other conditions, this year is around 200 000 visitors Glastonbury Festival, the most popular musical events in the UK, enjoyed the music.

Well were conducted with the funny hats, painted faces, in shorts and rubber boots, and are not afflicted as the camp in the mud to the knees. It takes only a little rain tomake chaos in such a crowd.

Glastonbury has been held for 40 years (this year from 22 to 26 June), and is considered one of the best if not the best and biggest music festival in the world.

In spite of everything, even a death (associate of Prime Minister David Cameron Christopher Šejla was found dead in the cab of the public toilets), visitors have a good time with Radiohead, Coldplay, Jessie J, Pendulum, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Chemical Brothers U2 Beyonce, Pulp, which will perform the EXIT-u 7 July.

The festival was visited by many celebrities including the Wayne Rune and his wifeKate, and Mos, which is lost somewhere in the mud Wedding ring worth 14,000pounds!

We hope that Exit will be cleaner though.

Photos from the festival in the gallery:


Rain-hardy revellers have begun descending on a 900-acre farm for the start of the 2011 Glastonbury Festival – Britain’s biggest and best-loved music festival.

Tom Wilder, 17, from Kent, gets into the festival spirit and performs a dramatic slide in the Glastonbury Festival mud



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