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Maldives is an incredibly popular holiday destination where millions of vacationers land up every year to experience a wonderful time! The tiny islands of the Maldives are remarkably alluring because of the exquisite and mesmeric sandy beaches that surround the region. Add to these remarkable beaches the variety and the beauty of the magnificent diving sites and you have a vacation destination that is simply the best! The serene and calming beauty of the place offers an awesome experience to all kinds of vacationers. From incredible water activities to spectacular sun-bathed coastline – Maldives holidays offers something for everyone!

Although generally considered to be an expensive destination, tour operators and travel agents do roll out competitively priced holiday packages for the island destination. These holiday packages include accommodation and cheap flights to Maldives and remain extremely popular among holiday makers as these lend them a chance to get up, close and personal with the region’s exotic natural beauty well within their budget. Out of a myriad Maldives tourist attractions, check out some that just cannot be missed.

Male is the capital city of Maldives and fittingly so! Every international flight to Maldives lands up in Male, making it the first point of contact for vacationers. Male is home to some of the nation’s finest tourist attractions and delights. The city boasts of some incredible museums and mosques that portray the historical and religious facets of the region. In fact, the city’s museums are massively intriguing and feature precious artefacts. Male also features a popular traditional handicrafts market, the Singapore Bazaar – known to showcase the talents and skills of the locals.

Esjehi Art Gallery
Esjehi Art Gallery is a remarkable tourist attraction that enchants tourists into booking tickets on flights to Maldives. The tour of the Esjehi Art Gallery is indeed a perfect treat for those who appreciate art. Located in one of the most significant and oldest buildings in Male, Esjehi Art Gallery houses an enthralling compilation of art, making it a must-see attraction during your holidays to Maldives. The art gallery is located very near to the Sultan Park, which is a popular tourist spot in itself.

Maldives Fish Market
The Maldives Fish Market is yet another must-visit attraction of the island country. The popularity of the place is evident through the hordes of crowd that frequent the place. Holiday makers from differe

nt corners of the world visit this place to enjoy an experience that is unbelievably unique. People can check out scr

umptiously fresh fruits, vegetables, tuna, dried fish and other varieties of fish the Maldives Fish Market offers. What ma

kes this place more attractive is the level of cleanliness and hygiene it has!

Grand Friday Mosque
Enticing many to look for cheap flights to Maldives, Grand Friday Mosque is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the nation. The mosque owes its popularity and famed reputation to the majestic designs and appealing architecture that reflect the ancient times of the region. Grand Friday Mosque was build by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in the year 1656 and it has the capacity to house around 5,000 people.

Maldives Beaches

Well, your Maldives holidays cannot complete unless you have visited the island’s vibrant and striking beaches. Ample amount of sunshine coupled with wonderful scenic beauty makes beaches in Maldives almost paradisiacal. Tourists can also take part in various interesting beach activities. Some of the region’s

popular beaches include Sun Island beach, Royal Island Re

sorts and Paradise Island.

These are few of the nu

merous attractions that

adorn the land of the

Maldives making it

such a red hot holiday destination among leisure travellers. Plan

early, grab cheap flights and enjoy a vacation of your lifetime in Maldives.

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