It is not known who was the first and which country invented paper policemen stand along the road, but the idea caught on and spread through the world. Dummies are varying degrees of reliability and wretchedness.

The main purpose of dummy – to draw attention to the way that drivers do not forget to observe speed limits .

Fakes on the roads_7

Agree, pretty weird to see half the cars on the road . Fakes on the roads_3 Fakes on the roads_6 Fakes on the roads_2These guys seem to be from England?

Fakes on the roads_4 Fakes on the roads_5

Fakes on the roads_9 Fakes on the roads_1

Fakes on the roads-10

 Good ” has come ” and ” zebra” in 3D. The driver gets the impression that the front – a real obstacle , and it slows .

Fakes on the roads_11


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