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Creative Eggs Coloring

This easter, forgo the candy-colored tablets and vinegar for dyeing eggs with silk neckties. You can always find silk ties at the thriftstore (or maybe this is your chance to free the men in your life from any outdated neckwear). Dyeing eggs with neckties is one of my favorite seasonal projects because it incorporates green-crafting practices and, since you never know which ties will make the prettiest eggs, there’s a delightful mystery to it all.

My best friend’s aunt showed us this when we were kids. I remember the first time I unwrapped my tie-wrapped egg…MAGIC!!! They’re still so fun to unwrap. Martha Stewart featured this method in her online magazine in 2006, but I’d like to think that we beat Martha to it.

Anyway, on with the egg-dyeing!

Materials: raw eggs, fabric shears, sewing thread (white or light colors are best), and 100% silk neckties

With the right side facing the egg, cut a rectangle that easily covers the egg

Keep wrapping until you cant see any silk. Sometimes this takes a whole spool of thread

Dyeing eggs with silk ties

Dyeing eggs with silk ties

Get all the details about how to make your own silk dyed eggs on Foxflat.

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