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By Alexander Garingo

Do you remember the time when you were a child and you’d come home from school and ask your mom for a cookie? No matter how tough your day was, that little cookie would make such a difference to the mood of your day; and if that cookie was special in some way, well then you’d probably have been smiling for the rest of the week. Cookie art is one way of making this happen. It’s not hard at all once you try it. Just stick to the basics of baking a good cookie and then once you’ve mastered that, why not give making the decorations a go. Indeed, this addition of love put into cooking makes the best types of cookies.

Everyone likes to eat cookies, especially children. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make some tasty little cookies, decorated beautifully, to your whole family.There are a lot resources about cookie art such as books and websites. Several tools are used to make cookies just a little bit more appealing to the eye. Cookie molds, cutters and brown bags are just some of the few tools you can use to achieve this.

Nowadays, it is not enough that food is deliciously prepared, it has to be yummy for the eyes as well. Definitely, people will have more appetite for cookies that have some form of decorations on it. Furthermore, because of the wide array of tools and resources available, there is much more choices and room for creativity for most people who haven’t had a go with making cookie arrangements before. It has been made so easy, even a toddler could do it, making it also a tool for expression. Occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s day and Christmas can be made more special by giving cookies as gifts. Many shops are selling themed arrangements or cookie bouquets for these special events displaying elaborate cookie designs.

Nevertheless, the best types of cookies are still those with just the right balance in taste and texture. Be sure to use the right amounts of ingredients and not over mixing them. Do not be afraid to be creative by adding colors and confectioneries like chocolate scrapings, marshmallows or fruits. Some people are even trying to make it healthier by using organic ingredients and lessening the sugar and butter. Whatever the case maybe, we cannot deny that our love for cookies will stay for years to come and so let’s have fun in making them.

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  1. Reed

    Nice article…I’m trying to make cookie designs but I’m kinda rubbish at it.


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