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Woman named Chelsea Handler hosts late night tv show ˝Chalsea Lately˝ at the ˝E!˝ broadcasting channel.

Few nights ago in one of her late night talks she and her guests commented on the concert of Amy Winehouse that was held in Belgrade few days ago. She used that very occasion to do some dirty talk about the nation and country she knows nothing of and she encouraged her guests on their verbal attacks upon the same country and its citizens .

You can see and hear everything that happened during the show if you follow the links under:

So, we are here in order to ask the tv broadcasting company ˝E!˝ to make Chelsea apologize to Serbian people for the insults thrown at them and their country during her show, and even punish her for what she had done in order for others to learn non discriminative, non violent and non insulting way of talking about everything and expressing opinions.

Read Petition Letter: link

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  1. Lakawak

    When Serbia stops harboring international fugitives, then I will boycott.

    • giga

      Can you name some names that Serbian international fugitives hiding.
      I know much about Serbia, and am interested in what they are fugitives.

  2. Ivan


    When USA stops killing the innocent people around the world,apologise to native Indians for destroying their nation and culture,apologise to Japanese for over-bombing them 50+ years ago,explain which “Bil Laden” is actually dead and why is he protected,explain why are their soldiers raping fugitives all around the world and 1000 other numerous evil things which took place in last 200 years, then maybe you will understand that this whole world is American fugitive…

    • Sofija

      You have a point.They want to be best so they ruin other country’s!

  3. Peter

    shame on you and on all americans with your opinion about my proud nation – shame on the states and on everybody with such a low IQ like yours! your nation shot with uranium ammonition in serbia – my people (CHILDREN) is dying now from cancer and now you make jokes over our nation??? Your nation is the biggest ethnic cleansing factory… in the world. where are the american natives?? in camps like the poor serbs, jews and roma in WWII. Shame on you and your poor nation. we saved a lot of american pilots in WWII and now some idiots like you makes jokes over my nation?? Thats something where the whole world can see your intelligence. Thanks god i am a serb and not an american like you!

  4. Andjela

    Since your ‘comedian’ is a por… star, and not someone with consciousness whatsoever, I’d ask myself some questions first, and then go out in public about somebody else.

  5. Pera

    John Galliano was fired because of his anti-Jewish comments in a bar. There is a difference between jokes and insults. Sorry, Chelsea, but you should have kept your big mouth shut!

  6. Sylvia

    Chelsea DID NOT apologize.
    Chelsea SHOULD NOT apologize.
    The USA has free speech.
    Serbia can not revoke her right to free speech.
    Serbia should have better things to worry about than what a comedian says about them thousands of miles away. Serbia is operating out of the ego. Go find something meaningful to address.

  7. Tijana

    Shut up Sylvia with your outdated speech! You ‘sound’ like some prejudiced sort-of-freudian prosecutor that has been fed hateful steroid information and made-believe judgment! Serbia is as good as you would never be able to imagine, for the lack of imagination is your middle name. That bitch did not operate thousands of miles away, but merely a few meters away from everyone’s sight. You are lacking logic and don’t even attempt to be rude here as I’ll slam you.


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