With Eastern Canada experiencing one of the worst ice storms in recorded history, the idea of an ice truck might seem overtly ironic to some. The ice sculpting house of Iceculture and Canadian Tire, however, already had their 15,000 lb ice truck planned, built and ready to go before the storm hit.

Together with the air-powered Lego car, this ice truck is one of the most unique one-off vehicles to appear this year. Starting from a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD frame, the truck went through an extensive transformation process with assistance from Bronson Line Automotive Ltd, Pick Me Productions and ice sculpturists from Iceculture.Canadian Tire Ice Truck

The finished truck weighed in at a hefty 15,000 lbs (6803 kg) – 11,000 lb of which is ice – and required no small feat to make it not only roadworthy, but aesthetically similar to the original steel-bodied version. In Texas, where the truck originated, Bronson Automotive stripped the cab and body, then lowered the height and width of the engine bay. Up in Ontario, a team from Pick Me Productions designed and fitted a special steel frame to support the ice chassis. It was then up to Iceculture to build three full-scale ice trucks for a promotional stunt and commercial ad shoot.

Canadian Tire Ice Truck_7 Canadian Tire Ice Truck_1 Canadian Tire Ice Truck_2 Canadian Tire Ice Truck_4 Canadian Tire Ice Truck_5

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