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The first in the world museum-restaurant of SALO (pigs fat) was opened in the center of Lviv, on Svobody Avenue. The exposition presents a variety of sculptures made of pigs fat, as well as paintings, photographs and other works of artists dedicated to the famous Ukrainian snack.

Among the exhibits you can see a humanoid figure, tallow candles, chess sets, a chair, and many other items. The main exhibit of the museum is a copy of the human heart, made of fat. This heart made of pigs fat was registered in the Ukrainian Book of Records.


Samples of salo sculptures are placed in a special glass refrigerator, so any restaurant visitor can see and order any of them. At the museum’s restaurant, you can order different salo dishes, such as dessert “Marilyn Monroe lips”, which consists of bacon, ice cream and fruit. In addition, salo in chocolate and sushi-salo could be found in the menu. It is even promised, that whimsical and vip-clients will be able to get their own sculptures made of pigs fat! Pigs fat is everywhere in the restaurant. There are paintings by famous artists on its walls, all about salo, and even a fashion collection dedicated to this product.

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An artist-designer Boris Berger has founded this salo museum and restaurant.

Lviv sculptor Miroslav Dedishin was the author of the project concept. In future, the founders of the museum plan to turn it into a multipurpose art center with a variety of exhibitions, readings, screenings and master classes.

Salo, pigs fat, is eaten in a variety of forms – smoked, fried, salted, stewed and so on. Fat is a traditional product, not only in Ukraine but also in other countries – Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus and Russia.


So for lunch can taste the famous sculpture of Russian artists, but also to worldfigures, of course, all of the Salo, (pigs fat)

Among the women is a particular favorite sculpture of the male sexual organwhich is supposedly modeled on the “original” that belonged to the world famousseducer and lover Casanova.


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