The Melon Festival originated from the competition “For the melon of the St. Laurence” which took place in 2002 for the first time within the frame of St. Laurence celebration in Prague at Výstaviště. The competition was changed to the Melon Festival in 2004 which is not only for professionals or beginning sculptors but accompanying shows are prepared for children and for adult too. A lot of competitions or entertainment with melons are prepared for visitors.

The festival took place three times in Kladno, since 2007 – 2009 in Prague (Shopping centre Metropole Zličín). The 1st European Championship in melon carving took place in 2009. There were representatives from 9 countries.

In 2011 the European Melon Carving Festival will be in Centrum Babylon in Liberec.

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  1. Water Melon

    Man claims world record by smashing melons with his head

    The big news from the 2009 Festival was that John Allwood broke 47 melons with his head in one minute for the Guinness World Record (his previous record in 2007 was 40)!

  2. Clipping Path

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