5 Reasons to Walk in the Rain

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Many people believe that a rainy day means staying indoors and waiting for the sun to shine again. There are other people who love to walk in the rain.

Charlie Chaplin’s magical line “I love walking in rain, because no body can see me crying” gets me outside to walk even if the sun is hidden for the day. Everyone has their heartaches which comes and goes in our lives. We have learned that the world is not going to stop because we have a painful heart. We continually look for ways to get through our sadness, hurt and pain. Most of us just want to cry and we do; however, we cry alone. When you experience one of those painful days, I hope it is raining in your neighborhood. Once you step outside your door into the rain there is a feeling that the whole neighborhood shares your tears and that is a good feeling. If you hear thunder or see lightning means this is not the time to venture outside.

Walking in the rain provides theses benefits:

No one will notice you are crying Makes you feel that nature understands your sadness and pain It is a cleansing of your body and heart It can wash away your tears and provides a peaceful hope Walking always provide a healthy benefit – even in the rain

It rained in my neighborhood yesterday and it was a happy day for me so I decided to walk on my treadmill. As I ventured out to the mailbox I was shocked at the number of walkers with their umbrellas walking in the rain. I wonder if they were crying with the rain.

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